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JONES JUNCTION TRADE DAYS is located in the heart of the Almost Famous Almost Thriving Community of HICKENBACH TEXAS just 8 miles North of Canton Texas at the crossroads of State Highway 19 and Highway 80. We are a country flea market that is open the weekend before the first Monday of each month plus the weekend before the 2nd Monday of each month. JONES JUNCTION TRADE DAYS has vendors from all over East Texas and beyond. You can find local Hickabilly hand crafted items alongside upscale modern pieces. If you like to browse for junk or jewells we have it. Our food vendors offer a variety of country cookin and homecanned items along with locally raised produce. We have lock and leave enclosed spaces along with open air spaces for rent. You can rent by the month or by the weekend. Our large open air spaces are $30 per 3 day weekend or $45 per month which includes both show dates . Our 12 by 16 lock and leave enclosed spaces with 12 by 20 outside areas to show your merchandise and are only $60 per month. For renting spaces please contact Kirk at 214-938-6624 to reserve your spot.



JONES JUNCTION TRADE DAYS is located in the heart of the Almost Famous ...

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